Research Update 3 (16/05/18)

Progress: I have finished my content analysis of all ACMI's annual reports up to the 2016/17 report. The next step will be to fill in the latitude/longitude coordinates and then to filter through the data to find the most interesting engagements to further research.

Observations: Having completed the analysis of all the annual reports I was able to fill in the 'General' sheet wherein the data is enormously simplified to give an overview of the countries whose organisations ACMI has most engaged with. Herein, I only counted each organisation once, regardless of the number of times ACMI engaged with them (although I can edit this - I am not yet sure which gives a better depiction... i.e. ACMI has engaged with the British Film Institute six times, however as this is only one organisation I have listed it as one 'relevant contact' for International Engagements in the 'General' sheet)

More generally, there are some further developments and trends that have appeared in the data. Specifically that in its most recent years ACMI's engagement at events suggests the growing international recognition of the museum. Since appointing a Chief Experience Officer and beginning the international touring of their exhibitions (Game Masters and DreamWorks), ACMI representatives have not only attended international conferences and events, but often been invited to speak and present. Furthermore, ACMI has been engaged with various organisations (mostly domestic, but some international) in co-commissioning works.

It is also interesting to see that although ACMI has engaged extensively with international artists from highly diverse backgrounds and nationalities, the organisations they are engaged with come predominantly from the US followed by the UK, Germany, New Zealand and France. The only exception to the 'Western-centric' engagement is ACMI's significant engagement with organisations from Singapore.

Finally, tracking ACMI's journey from initiation in 2002 to now has been fascinating. It appears that for a long time ACMI struggled to truly understand their purpose and place not only in the cultural landscape of Melbourne but globally. Now with more and more immersive and interactive technologies, it seems that ACMI has finally come into their own. With the most significant advancements being the ACMI X space, a strong commissioning culture and the successful international touring of their exhibitions, ACMI has grown into an internationally recognised museum that not only exhibits work but actively engages fostering the development of creative practice. I believe many of these more recent successes are largely due to the early connections and relationships ACMI built with international organisations.

Independent Research Project Development: I am not quite sure yet the direction that my personal research will take. I think this will become clearer next week when I work on further researching specific 'stories' of the relationship between certain international organisations and ACMI.