Notes - Week 8

This week I have finished the content analysis for the following playlists of the 'ACMI Collection YouTube Channel:'

- Indigenous Men's Voices
- Lebanese Community Stories
- Vietnamese Men's Voices
- When Deaf Minds Travel
- WOW: Weird or Wonderful

I have also finished the previously unassigned videos on the spreadsheet 'ACMI Collection YouTube Channel,' and the master list.

Notes - Week 6

Today I finished the playlist 'ACMI in the Regions,' of the spreadsheet, 'ACMI Collection YouTube Channel.'

All items were related to the regional Victoria and with original audio in English and were therefore classified as such. However, some of the titles were about migrant families and thus the relevant country was listed as a 'secondary country.'

As a means to fulfil the deadline for the YouTube analysis, I plan to complete my assigned items on Monday, the 28th.

Notes - Week 5

Last week I finished the YouTube analysis of the "Next Gen" playlist, thus completing my assigned content for the spreadsheet 'ACMI YouTube Channel.'

The majority of the videos in this playlist were part of the Screen It competition organised by ACMI and made by Australian students. Due to that fact, all films in this playlist are related to Australia. Some of the works referred to or were inspired by other countries, and in those cases, the relevant country was listed in the following column. Similarly, the majority of films were in English, being some with audio in English and others with no dialogue but having written text in English on the screen. These details were explained for each item on the column 'content analysis.' There were, however, some exceptions as some films had no dialogue and no written text on the screen. For those, the 'Primary language' column was completed with 'none.'

Notes - Week 4

YouTube analysis

I have started the YouTube analysis from the spreadsheet 'ACMI YouTube Channel.' From there, I have completed the data for the playlist 'ACMI Collections Gems.'

During this process, I found out that some of the items were replicated on the spreadsheet 'ACMI Collection YouTube Channel.' When that happened, I also copied the data referent to the replicated title on the latter. In some cases, my items were replicated from items that were already completed by Hugh. In those cases, I have copied the information exactly as was he had previously inserted. Those items are highlighted in orange.

YouTube Analysis Update #3

As I have begun on the exhibition promotional/expositional video content from the YouTube channel, I have run into the challenge of what countries to assign to the videos. Anything specific to a country of culture will obviously have that country/culture included. Things that are more globally targetted/produced will be tagged with 'Global', as has been done previously. However, as these are promos from exhibitions conducted in Australia at the ACMI site, I have decided that all will be tagged with Australia as a relevant country, as I don't think they should be separated from the context they were created in/conducted in. I'd appreciate any feedback.


Research Update 3 (16/05/18)

Progress: I have finished my content analysis of all ACMI's annual reports up to the 2016/17 report. The next step will be to fill in the latitude/longitude coordinates and then to filter through the data to find the most interesting engagements to further research.

Observations: Having completed the analysis of all the annual reports I was able to fill in the 'General' sheet wherein the data is enormously simplified to give an overview of the countries whose organisations ACMI has most engaged with. Herein, I only counted each organisation once, regardless of the number of times ACMI engaged with them (although I can edit this - I am not yet sure which gives a better depiction... i.e. ACMI has engaged with the British Film Institute six times, however as this is only one organisation I have listed it as one 'relevant contact' for International Engagements in the 'General' sheet)

YouTube Analysis Update #2

Today I completed 89 YouTube vids from my assigned list, meaning that tomorrow I will easily be able to finish the ACMI collection channel vids, and can make a start on the ACMI general YouTube channel vids. I've been working on a great deal of home-movie footage that is silent, with a great deal having English titles/intertitles which, as I previously stated, I have been listing as English-language films. Film's with no visual or audible language are thus-far tagged with 'None'.

Films referencing multiple countries/cultures or in multiple languages are listed as Country 1/Country 2 or Language 1/Language 2. This may need some adjustments down the line.

YouTube Analysis

One note that has come out of the content analysis of the YouTube collection is that many videos, especially ones that are compilations of collection visuals, have no spoken language, but nonetheless have written language attached (in English). For these, I have been listing them as 'English' in the language section. The visuals of the footage I have seen so far in these compilations are all very Anglo/Euro-centric and (seemingly) have come from English-speaking countries of production (USA, UK, Aus etc.)

Notes - Week 3

During the past week, I have been researching information on ACMI's collection to understand better which are the items that compose this collection, as well as how and which purpose they were acquired.

My first source of research was ACMI's annual reports from 2002 to 2017. From that research, I could learn that after inheriting the collection from State Film Centre of Victoria, ACMI established its own acquisition policy. Nonetheless, I could not learn which are the parameters for ACMI's acquisitions and how is the decision process for accessioning new items. I could, however, find a summary of the collection in the report from 2007-2008: