Mapping International Engagements

This research task involves exploration of ACMI international networks of partners, collaborators and contacts which facilitate cross-cultural projects, curatorial and artistic exchanges and many other activities that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries. ACMI has an extensive network of partners throughout the world residing in different continents, from Americas to Asia Pacific.

Mapping these networks is instrumental not only to understand how ACMI creates its communities of constituencies and dedicated followers, but, more importantly, to assess its institutional capacity to exert “soft power” impacts by developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with partners from around the world.Mapping and exploring the network growth in time and space can be effective to predict a development of relationships among a museum and its stakeholders in future by identifying patterns of how a network emerges, progresses and matures in time. Understanding these patterns can provide valuable insights for assessing museum “soft power” potentials by scoping and outlining realistic contours of museum geographic reach and its capacity to engage its constituencies and audiences in a certain point of time of a network development.