Research Update 1 (18/04/18)

Having had a slow start to the project I feel that I am back on track, currently going through the Annual Report from 2006-07. I have developed a systematic way of going through the reports wherein I do keyword searches for the following terms: international; global; world; partner; worked with; collaborat*; co-produc*; tour; network. So far, this collection of terms has resulted in successful highlighting of international partnerships, collaborations, networks and interactions. In addition to this, after the keyword searches I have been reading through the entire AR to ensure I haven't missed any relationships.

I have found that the largest quantity of ACMI's international network is made up of connections to organisations and companies made through ACMI's participation or hosting of international conferences, which is something I had not anticipated. However, in considering the significance of these connections, it is apparent that they are more superficial that co-productions between ACMI and international organisations or the lending and borrowing of collections or entire exhibitions to and from ACMI.

I think that the different strengths of the engagement between ACMI and the 91 (and counting) organisations is critical in mapping their international influence and significance as a cultural institution.

Alongside data entry I am also thinking about my independent research project and how it might change with the revelation that the largest quantity of international partnerships (at least in the early days of ACMI) are made through international conferences. I am curious to see if this changes as ACMI established itself.

It has indeed been very interesting to go through the AR chronologically and observe the changing priorities, expectations and strategies of ACMI even just from 2002 to 2007, I'm excited to see what might be revealed next...

I do have one question - I am not quite clear on my requirements for the Final report due in Week 9. Is this just a summary of the findings, or a full research report including a research question, methods etc.



Great findings, Kirstin! and an impressive start of the research project! It seems like that the priority on hosting international conferences is very strong at the moment as well. Indeed, this is interesting!

Final report, is very informal, it could be just a meeting with me to clarify all your findings and discuss the most important questions in your research. I will provide more details later.

Some comments about the data recording in the excel spreadsheet:
1. It would be critical to collect and record exact addresses of all organizations that are on the list, as well as identify more accurate geographic coordinates for all of them. I have added a couple of columns to the file: Latitude & Longitude. These coordinates could be obtained through Google Maps.Let me know if you need instructions on that
2. The most interesting connections and relationships should be illustrated with more extended stories which would require a bit more research from other sources. You are welcome to focus on those stories that would align most closely with your own Research project.

Great job, Kirstin!

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Thank you for the feedback and clarifying my question!
I haven't forgotten the exact addresses - I was going to find all of the locations in the annual reports first and then fill in the address details, but I think I might change that strategy and just do it all at once.
Thanks also for flagging the need to increase the detail in the stories. This, I think, I will do after finding the connections in all the annual reports as there are various connections that span across several years. But I will endeavor to flesh out those stories some more nonetheless.