Research Update 2 (24/04/18)

Research Plan updated

Some observations: the Annual Reports from the late 2000s are particularly interesting as I am now starting to see the outcomes of the early networks built through international conferences and events, where ACMI first made many of its connections to international organisations. From 2007-10 ACMI appears to engage more deeply with certain international organisations in co-curating, co-producing and collaborating not only on events, meeting and conferences but indeed in a creative capacity in designing and presenting exhibitions. I believe this is also tied to better financial stability and management certainty at ACMI during this time as compared to its early years.

Research strategy: I have slightly updated my timetable for conducting this research as indicated in the image attached. I have done this so that I can have all ACMI's international engagements listed and then I can go through and see which of the early connections ended up in fruitful relationships and why this may be... (I will focus on these organisations to expand on the 'stories')


The plan looks good and I like your findings about progressive development of ACMI partnerships and relationships that transform and change in accordance with their shifting priorities and agenda. I think this is something that is worth exploring further. Great job, Kirstin!