Mapping ACMI audiences

This research task involves measuring, mapping and exploring museum audiences, both online and onsite and aims to track the development of the institutional brand recognition in different parts of the world. Drawing on the museum visitation records and social media statistics, the GIS will employ visitation data to indicate quantities and geographic distribution of online and on site audiences at home and abroad.

Mapping International Engagements

This research task involves exploration of ACMI international networks of partners, collaborators and contacts which facilitate cross-cultural projects, curatorial and artistic exchanges and many other activities that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries. ACMI has an extensive network of partners throughout the world residing in different continents, from Americas to Asia Pacific.

Mapping International Blockbusters

This research task focuses on mapping social “ecosystem” of ACMI by looking at its global engagements with international museums, audiences and cultural institutions through traveling blockbusters. The research covers two famous ACMI blockbusters that went global: Game Masters (2012-2020) and DreamWorks Animation (2015-2020).